Monday, September 29, 2014

EDUCAUSE Virtual Conference 2014

FITL would like to invite you to join us Tuesday, September 30th - Thursday, October 2nd for the EDUCAUSE Virtual Conference

We will set up in LC 433 and LC 444 for the three days of the conference and provide faculty and staff with free access to all webcasts or interactive online sessions.  Come and attend as many sessions as you like.  

Here are some of the session topics listed on the agenda:
  • Disruptive Innovation and the Future of Higher Education
  • Behind the Curtain: Technologies Supporting Student Success
  • Designing an Adaptable Evaluative Tool for Educational Technologies
  • Student Success Is Everybody's Business
  • MOOCs Beyond the Hype: The Open Learning Journey at the University of Pennsylvania
  • Driving Innovation in the Learning Environment: The Flipped Classroom
  • New Responsibilities for Postsecondary Education in the 21st Century
You can also browse through the entire Virtual Conference Agenda here.

Please share with your colleagues and email to RSVP.

Monday, August 25, 2014

FITL Welcomes New Students

Dear Student,

On behalf of the Faculty Innovations in Teaching and Learning Center (FITL), we welcome you to the NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering.

As part of your new student technology packet, you are receiving a ResponseCard RF LCD System, a “Clicker”and a ResponseWare 1Yr-Activation Card.

Our faculty uses this response technology to enhance teaching and learning in the classroom. You will use the combination of the Clicker and ResponseWare in many of your courses to respond to in-class questions and quizzes. The use of this system allows for a more interactive and engaging class experience. It also allows for real-time assessment of student preparation and their understanding of the course material. This tool is extremely valuable in helping students and instructors focus on the course topics that warrant further examination and explanation. Your professors will provide you with the full details on how they plan to use this technology in the classroom.

At the Clicker Distribution and Registration Sessions during the New Student Orientation, you will learn more about this technology and also pick up & register your clicker/license.

For additional information on the response system and to download the Student Information Guide, please visit:

Happy School Year!

Yona Jean-Pierre
Director of FITL

Monday, June 30, 2014

Upcoming Technology and Academic Conferences

Here are some upcoming Technology and Academic Conferences that may provide professional development opportunities:

July 8-9 – Denver, CO           

July 21-24 – Las Vegas, NV 

July 21-24 – Las Vegas, NV

July 21-24 – Las Vegas, NV

July 21-24 – Las Vegas, NV

July 26-30 – Minneapolis       

July 28-31 – Boston, MA     
August 6-9 – Portland, OR   

August 12-14 – Madison, WI

August 13-15 – Reston, VA 

August 22-24 – Vancouver, Canada           

September 12-14 – Providence, RI 

September 20-21 – Queens, NY    

September 29 - October 2 – Orlando, FL  

The Teaching Professor Technology Conference
October 12-14  – Denver, CO          

October 23-24 – Indianapolis, IN      

October 29-31 – Orlando, FL           

November 4-8 – Jacksonville, FL    

November 5-7 – Atlanta, GA           

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Pre-registration Tutorial

The Academic Advisement Center (AAC) just launched a Pre-registration Tutorial for the Fall 2014 cohort of first-year students entering the NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering. This online multimedia resource is designed to educate new students on the registration process, highlighting the conceptual and technical information connected to their enrollment activities.

This application presents information to students utilizing a gaming approach.  It consists of eight panels of information, each containing different missions that students must complete. Students are invited to watch information videos, access apps to answer relevant questions and browse through PDF documents.  There is a 1-question quiz on every panel that students must answer to proceed to the next panel. Students are also directed to our learning management system, NYU Classes, for a cumulative quiz on the topics covered. The tutorial is available 24/7 -- students can access it at their leisure, from a variety of geographic locations.

This application was produced by AAC and FITL. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

NYU Classes goes live!

As of today, NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering has made the switch to NYU Classes (Sakai CLE) from Blackboard 9.1!

Today marks the first day of the summer sessions, and all course sites are now located on NYU Classes. Information about the transition and available training can be found on the FITL website.

Have you set up your course site yet? If not, email us for more information.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

NYU Classes Training Workshops

By now you have probably heard that NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering will be transitioning away from Blackboard 9.1 to NYU Classes, powered by Sakai CLE.

The FITL Center will be offering two weeks of training workshops on NYU Classes beginning on April 22nd. Additional training will be offered in June and again in August.

Reserve your spot from the Workshop Schedule, or view the entire calendar here.

Sessions include:
  • Getting Started with NYU Classes
  • Getting Started with NYU Classes (online session)
  • Grading & Assessment with NYU Classes
More information on the transition from Blackboard to NYU Classes

Monday, March 17, 2014

Faculty Discussion on Clickers - March 12, 2014

Last week marked the Spring 2014 Faculty Discussion on Clickers, an event hosted by the FITL Center that invites faculty members to engage with their colleagues on teaching with the Student Response System.

The event has been held approximately every semester since Fall 2011, and has been well attended. This semester's meeting saw faculty from the departments of Applied Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Finance and Risk Engineering, and Mathematics.

Any faculty are welcome to attend, whether they are active users of the student response technology, or just interested in learning more about it. Topics presented by FITL at this meeting included a review of data from the Fall 2013 survey of students using clickers, updates to the TurningPoint software, and the mobile polling solution, ResponseWare.

Faculty discussed the successes and challenges they face when teaching with the clicker technology. A common theme among instructors was the time commitment involved. One professor noted that while there is a requisite investment of time in developing good clicker questions at first, the investment pays off in subsequent semesters when questions only have to be tweaked to fit the current lesson and student population.

Another professor described the challenge of making time for in-class polling while covering the necessary lecture topics in a limited amount of class time. This scenario is one faced by many instructors, but they note that the benefit to teaching and learning provided by the clickers makes it a worthwhile investment of time and effort.